Squiggles the Pig Cloth
copyright 2004 by Rhonda K. White

Materials:  100% cotton yarn, size 7 needles, yarn needle for weaving ends

String 1 (one) 5 mm glass bead (black) onto yarn before casting on.  This will be knitted in later to become Squiggles' eye ;o)

Cast on 38 stitches
1-4:  Knit across
5:  k3, p32, k3
6:  and all even rows, knit across
7-12:  repeat rows 5 & 6
13:  k3, p10, k2, p13, k2, p5, k3
15:  k3, p11, k2, p13, k2, p4, k3
17&19:  same as 15
21:  k3, p11, k2, p12, k3, p4, k3
23:  k3, p11, k11, p2, k4, p4, k3
25:  k3, p10, k19, p3, k3
27:  k3, p6, k23, p3, k3
29:  k3, p4, k26, p2, k3
31:  k3, p2, k28, p2, k3
33:  same as 31
35:  k3, p4, k3, (bead), k22, p2, k3
37:  k3, p5, k25, (pm), p2, k3  (tail)
39:  k3, p5, k24, p3, k3
41:  k3, p6, k22, p4, k3
43:  k3, p5, k2, p6, k13, p6, k3
45:  k3, p5, k1, p26, k3
47-54:  repeat 5&6
55-57:  knit across
Bind off

For tail: Insert crochet hook at marker and attach yarn.  Chain 7, sl st in same space, chain 7, sl st in same space to make a curly tail.

Alternate knitted tail instructions: Pick up stitch at marker.  Cast on 32 stitches.  Knit 2tog across.  Knit 2tog across again, and bind off.  Weave end to back of cloth and tie off.
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Special instructions:

pm = place marker (this is optional - it just shows you where you will work his tail)

On row 35, work like this:
   k3, p4, k3, bring the bead up to the top and knit the next stitch with the bead included in that yarn, then complete the row as directed.