Tawashi Patterns
   If you've never heard of a tawashi, where the heck have you been? Just kidding! They are the cutest, fastest, handiest little projects you can get your hands on, and since they are Japanese inspired, they are extra cute as well!  They are knitted (or crocheted) of acrylic yarn and used to scrub everything in your house from dishes to floors to cars to people! (might want to use cotton on people - acrylic is kinda scratchy!)

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Citrus Slices - $2.50
These little cuties are knitted as a strip with strategic color changes, then magically are transformed into round little slices of citrus to brighten up your kitchen!  There is a minimal amount of crochet around the edges.
Tawashi Blossoms - $5.00
One basic pattern and a few strategically placed stitches turn plain round scrubbies into sweet little tawashi blossoms!  Six page pdf has pictures and detailed instructions, including variations for other flowers shown in picture.
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Pineapple - $2.50
Almost sweet as an upside down cake - this little pineapple will make quick work of those grungy grimy dishes!
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Butterfly Tawashi - $4.50
Knit a puffy circle, cinch it in at specific points - and whoosh! You've got a butterfly tawashi!  They are double thick for extra scrubby goodness - also make GREAT room decorations - I have a feeling I'll be making butterfly curtains in the 70s beaded curtain style :o)

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Tudez Tawashi - $7.00
Five more knitted tawashi - super fast and fun to make! Pictured on the bottom from left to right: Mood Swings, Just a Little Dotty, and Hoity Toity.  On the top left, Weave Me Alone, and top right, You're So Knotty
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