Awareness Ribbon Illusion Dishcloth
©copyright 2005 by Rhonda K. White

Cast on 37 stitches with white
1. (pink)  Knit across
2. (pink)  k3, p31, k3

3. (white)  knit across
4. (white) knit across

5-12:  repeat rows 1-4

13:  (pink)  knit across
14:  (pink)  k3, p23, k3, p5, k3

15:  (white)  knit across
16:  (white)  k26, p3, k8

17:  (pink)  knit across
18:  (pink)  k3, p20, k6, p5, k3

19:  (white) knit across
20:  (white) k23, p6, k8

21:   (pink)  knit across
22:  (pink)  k3, p8, k7, p2, k6, p8, k3

23:  (white)  knit across
24:  (white)  k11, p7, k2, p6, k11

25:  (pink)  knit across
26:  (pink)  k3, p6, k14, p11, k3

27:  (white)  knit across
28:  (white)  k9, p14, k14

29:  (pink)  knit across
30:  (pink)  k3, p5, k2, p8, k2, p14, k3

31:  (white)  knit across
32:  (white)  k8, p2, k8, p2, k17

33:  (pink)  knit across
34:  (pink)  k3, p6, k14, p11, k3

35:  (white)  knit across
36:  (white)  k9, p14, k14

37:  (pink)  knit across
38:  (pink) k3, p8, k7, p2, k6, p8, k3

39:  (white)  knit across
40:  (white)  k11, p7, k2, p6, k11

41:  (pink)  knit across
42:  (pink)  k3,  p20, k6, p5, k3

43:  (white)  knit across
44:  (white)  k23, p6, k8

45:  (pink)  knit across
46:  (pink)  k3, p23, k3, p5, k3

47:  (white)  knit across
48:  (white)  k26, p3, k8

49:  (pink)  knit across
50:  (pink)  k3, p31, k3

51:   (white)  knit across
52:  (white) knit across

53-60:  repeat rows 49-52

Bind off  in pink.

~@~ These instructions are specifically for the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon.  You will end up with a pink ribbon on a white background, but of course you can substitute other colors as desired!

~@~ If you don't have a color printer, I recommend marking your pattern with a highlighter so you don’t forget to do your color changes!

~@~ Do not cut the yarn as you switch colors – just carry it loosely up the side.
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If you are unfamiliar with "illusion" or "shadow" knitting....the premise is that head on, your project will look like little stripes...but from an angle, a magic picture will appear! 
   I've discovered that this is an extremely addicting technique (kids LOVE it!) and also it is not as easy to graph an illusion pattern as it is a "regular" one.