Fishy Tawashi

Loosely translated from a Japanese book by Rhonda White
Pattern remains © copyrighted to original publisher

Size 9 knitting needles
Size H crochet hook
Small amount of 2 colors acrylic yarn
Tiny amount of black or brown acrylic yarn for eye embroidery
Yarn needle

As shown in picture – color A (CA) is the darker color and color B (CB) is white

Cast on 16 stitches with color A
If you’re not using a long tail cast on, knit one foundation row
Row 1: p1, (p2, k2) 3 times, p3
Row 2: k1, (k2, p2) 3 times, k3
Rows 3-8: repeat rows 1 and 2
Switch to CB
Rows 9-10: knit across; switch to CA
Rows 11-12: knit across; switch to CB
Rows 13-36: repeat rows 9-12
Cut CA leaving an 8” tail for sewing
With CB…continue on for the face:
Row 37: (k1, p1) to last 2 sts, k2
Row 38: p2, (k1, p1) to end
Rows 39-44: repeat rows 37 & 38
Cut CB, leaving an 8” tail for finishing
Thread end of yarn onto yarn needle, and starting with the 3rd stitch, weave yarn in every other stitch to end; turn the needle around and weave yarn into every other stitch…you’re just gathering these stitches to form the mouth – once you’re done weaving in and out – pull yarn tightly to form his mouth – use a couple of stitches to secure…weave in end and cut yarn.
To form the tail, weave in and out right before the first color change, pull snugly to form the “fan shaped” tail – tie ends on back of fish and weave in ends.
Weave in remaining ends and make his eye :o)

The eye on the red and yellow fish shown above are crocheted –
Wrap CA twice around two fingers – ch 1, then sc 8 times into ring. Join last st to first st, and finish off. Pull long yarn piece to tighten up the center, and weave in ends.

The eye on the orange fish is knitted:
Cast on 16 stitches with CA, knit one row, then pass EACH st over top of the first stitch; cut yarn, and use yarn needle to sew ends together. Weave in remaining ends.

The eye on the green fish is made with felt:
Cut out one dime sized circle of matching felt, and one smaller circle of white felt. Using picture as guide, sew eye onto fish.

All eyes have the same embroidery…thread yarn needle with brown or black acrylic yarn, and using a running stitch, form a “U” on the bottom half of the eye.

Weave in all ends and your fish is ready to scrub some dishes!
For a thicker tawashi, you can knit two fish and sew them together wrong sides facing.  I personally haven't done that yet but there are a lot of tawashi patterns that ARE assembled that way.
p.s.  the red fish also has a crocheted hang loop – attach desired color yarn (I used black) to the back side of the fish’s mouth. Chain 12 (or however many you want!) and join with sl st into bottom of chain  Weave in ends.