Knitted “D” Cloth
©copyright 2005 by Rhonda K. White

Materials: 100% cotton yarn and size 7 knitting needles

Cast on 36 stitches
1-4:  knit across
5:  k3, p30, k3
6:  and all remaining even-numbered rows; knit across
7:  k3, p6, k12, p12, k3
9:  k3, p6, k15, p9, k3
11:  k3, p6, k16, p8, k3
13:  k3, p6, k17, p7, k3
15:  k3, p8, k15, p7, k3
17:  k3, p8, k5, p5, k6, p6, k3
19-35: (odd numbered rows) k3, p8, k5, p6, k5, p6, k3
37:  k3, p8, k5, p5, k5, p7, k3
39:  k3, p8, k15, p7, k3
41:  k3, p6, k16, p8, k3
43:  k3, p6, k15, p9, k3
45:  k3, p6, k14, p10, k3
47:  k3, p6, k13, p11, k3
49-52:  repeat rows 5 & 6
53-55:  knit across
Bind off and weave in ends
Thank you to LORI for knitting this sample for me! :o)
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