Baby Feet Cloth
©copyright 7/12/05 by Rhonda K. White

Materials used:
Size 7 knitting needles
Cotton-tots yarn in light blue

Special Instructions:
MB = mini*bobble: knit one, purl one, knit one all into the same stitch.  You will now have three stitches from ONE stitch on your right needle.  Take the tip of your left knitting needle, and lift the furthest away over top of the other two, then lift the second over the first one – tada! Mini-bobble made!

Bobble:  Same instructions as above, except you will knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one, knit one…….all into the same stitch to get FIVE stitches from one.  Using the tip of your left needle, lift the furthest stitch away from the end of your needle over the other 4, then the next one over the remaiing three, and the next over the remaining two, and the last one over the remaining stitch –and tada! Big toe, ummmmm, bobble made!
If you need more assistance, and want “one on one” instruction – please put something like BOBBLE help in your subject line, so I’ll be sure to read those first!

Cast on 34 stitches
1 & 3:  (k1, p1) across
2 & 4:  (p1, k1) across
5:  (k1, p1) twice, p26, (k1, p1) twice
6: (and even numbered rows through #50)
    (p1, k1) twice , k26, (p1, k1) twice
7:  (k1, p1) twice, p8, k2, p16, (k1, p1) twice
9:  (k1, p1) twice, p7, k4, p15, (k1, p1) twice
11:  (k1, p1) twice, p6, k5, p15, (k1, p1) twice
13:  (k1, p1) twice, p6, k5, p15, (k1, p1) twice
15:  (k1, p1) twice, p5, k5, p16, (k1, p1) twice
17:  (k1,p1) twice, p5, k4, p7, k2, p8, (k1, p1) twice
19:  (k1, p1) twice, p5, k4, p6, k4, p7, (k1, p1) twice
21:  (k1, p1) twice, p4, k5, p6, k5, p6, (k1, p1) twice
23:  (k1, p1) twice, p4, k6, p5, k5, p6, (k1, p1) twice
25:  (k1, p1) twice, p4, k7, p5, k5, p5, (k1, p1) twice
27:  (k1, p1) twice, p4, k7, p6, k4, p5, (k1, p1) twice
29:  (k1, p1) twice, p5, k7, p5, k4, p5, (k1, p1) twice
31:  (k1, p1) twice, p4, MB, p1, k6, p5, k5, p4, (k1, p1)
33:  (k1, p1) twice, p5, MB, p1, k4, p5, k6, p4, (k1, p1)
35:  (k1, p1) twice, p6, MB, p1, MB, p6, k7, p4, (k1, p1)
37:  (k1, p1) twice, p10, bobble, p4, k7, p4, (k1, p1)
39:  (k1, p1) twice, p14, k7, p5, (k1, p1) twice
41:  (k1, p1) twice, p14, k6, p1, MB, p4, (k1, p1) twice
43:  (k1, p1) twice, p15, k4, p1, MB, p5, (k1, p1) twice
45:  (k1, p1) twice, p17, MB, p1, MB, p6, (k1, p1) twice
47:  (k1, p1) twice, p15, bobble, p10, (k1, p1) twice
49:  (k1, p1) twice, p26, (k1, p1) twice
50:  (p1, k1) twice, k26, (p1, k1) twice
51 & 53:  (k1, p1) across
52 & 54:  (p1, k1) across
Bind off
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